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The following is an article in The Wall Street Journal, market watch section, ranking The world’s top 10 retirement havens. It’s ranking Thailand in the 9 th. spot, based on cost of living and environment.But those are not all there is to consider. The standard and expenses of Medical and Health Care services need to put into account. We are strongly believed if that is put into consideration, Thailand can offer you a lot more than others can.
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No.9. Thailand. As with Malaysia, it can be fairly inexpensive to live in Thailand. According to International Living, you can live comfortably for less than $1,000 a month on a powder-sand beach in Thailand. In fact, it’s likely you could find “really nice, liveable place just about anywhere in the country” for about $500 a month. As with Malaysia, you’ll find plenty of locals happy to practice their English with you; so integration shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And, for excitement, what could top Bangkok? “If variety is the spice of retired life, than Paris, Panama City, the expat communities of Mexico, Medellin in Colombia, and Bangkok, Thailand, should be top of your list,” International Living researchers said.

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This is a lovely little hospital and very high standard in Bangkok. At the price that you can effort.

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This is the story of a girl who have been went thru the plastic surgery and change her life.
She used to have a boy friend and her boy friend left her to go with another girl who was beautiful than her at that time.
So, she wanted to make herself look better.From three operations, eyes, nose, and chin you will see how she is, now.
Please, watch her story from the following video clips

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6 Reasons for making Thailand your Medical Tourism destination. For more information,please, vist http://www.thailandmedicaltourismcluster.org.

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MEDIHCARE stands for Most Exotic Destinations In Health Care. A medical tourism portal designed in order to provide our readers general information which they can use in making a more informed decision in relation to the medical treatment they seek in Thailand.

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These are the pictures took during the she male beauti contest that I copied from the website ……. . I am surprise on the transgender operation which all were done by the Thai’s doctors. Of course, I have heard about the unsuccessful operations as well. But those were done by unprofessional doctors and the cost of operation is so cheap.


Enjoy the lovely pictures.


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Bangkok holds health care lead

By Khin Myat
July 19 – 25, 2010
A staff member at Bangkok Hospital’s office in Yangon assists a patient. Pic: Khin Myat

A staff member at Bangkok Hospital’s office

BANGKOK is still the preferred destination for Myanmar seeking high-quality medical care abroad – but India is trying to close the gap.

Wealthy Myanmar with health problems have long sought treatment overseas, and Thailand has traditionally been the first port of call, followed by Singapore. Mr Ralf Krewer, international marketing manager for the Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre, told The Myanmar Times on June 24 that Myanmar is the third-largest market for its hospitals after the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. (more…)

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