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Bangkok holds health care lead

By Khin Myat
July 19 – 25, 2010
A staff member at Bangkok Hospital’s office in Yangon assists a patient. Pic: Khin Myat

A staff member at Bangkok Hospital’s office

BANGKOK is still the preferred destination for Myanmar seeking high-quality medical care abroad – but India is trying to close the gap.

Wealthy Myanmar with health problems have long sought treatment overseas, and Thailand has traditionally been the first port of call, followed by Singapore. Mr Ralf Krewer, international marketing manager for the Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre, told The Myanmar Times on June 24 that Myanmar is the third-largest market for its hospitals after the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. (more…)

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Why is Thailand a prime destination for the medical traveler? Quality is high, prices are low, and access to care is often immediate, even without an appointment — not to mention the warmth of Thai hospitality, which can make even the most arduous medical procedure bearable, perhaps even pleasant.

Thailand is home to some 1,265 hospitals; of those, 309 are private hospitals, 83 of them in Bangkok. Private hospitals now present 40 percent of all hospital beds in the Thai capital. Thailand has more than 19,000 physicians and 100,000 nurses inactive practice. The nation’s ten qualified medical colleges produce about 3,800 graduates yearly. Its 20 nursing schools graduate 3,000 nurses annually, who have completed a minimum of four years’ baccalaureate training ( as compared to countries in which a nursing license may be obtained in two years). Each year a third of the graduating nurses earn masters or doctorate degrees.

Many Thai physicians undertake postgraduate education overseas and return to Thailand experienced in specialized services, such as cardiac surgery or cancer treatment. Bumrungrad International Hospital,for example, boasts more than 200 physicians who are abroad certified in the US, plus a large number who have trained in the UK, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Japan, and elsewhere.

In 2002 Thailand became home to Asia’s first JCI-accredited hospital: Bumrungrad International in Bangkok, which has since had its accreditation renewed twice – in 2005 and 2008. Thailand now offers medical travelers six additional JCI-accredited facilities.

  • Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Bangkok (accredited 2007)
  • Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, Bangkok (accredited 2007)
  • Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Bangkok (accredited 2007)
  • Samitivej Sriracha Hospital, Chonburi (accredited 2008)
  • Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, Phuket (accredited 2009)

for more information visit http://www.thailandmedicaltourismcluster.org.

Copy from : Patients Beyond Borders, Thailand Edition By Josef Woodman

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